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League results and recent aces

Posted On: Saturday, September 14, 2019

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League results and recent aces

Sept. 11 - Lloyd Sonnenburg (in photo above) with a 4-wood from 195 yards on  Sunset 7 at Saugeen Golf Club. It was his third ace!! 

Sept. 4 - Member Jim Torrance with a 5-iron on the 15th hole at the Golf Club at Lora Bay. 

Sept. 2 - Dave Blenkinsop with a 4 hybrid from 175 yards on #3 at Ainsdale Golf Course. 

Aug. 28 - Dave Blenkinsop with a 5-iron from 151 yards on  #17 at Ainsdale Golf Course.


Southampton Golf and Country Club
Senior Men’s Club Championship
The senior Men’s Club Championship was held on September 3rd and 4th  and what a wild ride it was.  The players started out on Tuesday with tee times at 8:30 but within a couple of hours, the light mist that had been in the air turned to a downpour and players were strewn all across the course, hiding under trees and umbrellas.  When the rain didn’t let up, everyone came back to the pro shop and the decision was made to quit for the day and start up on Wednesday where they had left off, finish the first day’s play and then play another 18 holes that would have normally been played on the second day.
In the A-flight, where Men’s Club Champion Bruce Towner and past multiple Senior Club Champion Mike Pitzen were playing, the competition was pretty tight.  Towner got off to a good start with a three over par 38 on the front nine.  Newcomer Gary Jeffries was right in the hunt though, only one stroke back of Towner after 9 holes.  At the end of the first 18 holes, Towner held the lead with a score of 79 but Jeffries was only two strokes behind with an 81.
In the B-flight, Kevin Dagnall took the lead after the first round, carding a score of 90.  But three others were only two strokes behind and as they headed into day two, Mike Cleary, Ron Wilson and Terry Bailey all had a good chance at winning the B-flight.  In the C-flight, Eric Tait took a four stroke lead over Bill Thomson into the second day of play.  Thomson had a similar score on Wednesday for a two-day total of 205 and a net total score of 149.  Bill was the lowest net player over the two days and was crowned the Senior Men’s Net Club Champion.  Meanwhile, Tait slowed up a little bit on the second day but his game was just good enough to win Low Gross Champion in the C-flight with a two day total of 200.  Chris Page won the C-flight Low Net award with a two day net score of 153.
In the B-flight, on the second day of play, Dagnall improved his score from the first day and shot an 88 while all of the other contenders struggled a bit.  Kevin was declared the B-flight Low Gross Champion with a two day total of 178 while Cleary won the Low Net award for the flight with a two day net score of 151.  In the A-fight, Towner had some troubles on two of the par five holes on the back nine and wound up with an 85 on the second day.  But that would be enough to win the Club Championship as Jeffries also had some problems on the second day of play.  Mike Pitzen was the A-flight Low Gross Champion with a two-day total of 170, while Gary Jeffries won the Low Net award for the flight.
Bruce Towner won both the Men’s and Senior Men’s Club Championships this year – very steady playing and congratulations to Bruce.
Ladies Club Championship
The Southampton Ladies played for the Ladies Club Championship on September 3rd and 4th alongside the Senior Men and ran into the same weather condition as the men.  The first day’s play had to be carried over to Wednesday but everyone finally got their rounds in.  Denise Buttenaar had a great opening round of 96, but Jeanette Hamilton was only four strokes behind with a round of 100, clearly in reach of Denise.  But on the second day, Buttenaar really turned on it on, carding a score of 91 for a two day total of 187 and winning the 2019 Ladies Club Championship.  Congratulations for some great golf Denise. 
Terry Kennedy was the Net Club Champion with a two day net score of 150.   Congratulations to all who competed in this tournament.
Men’s Golf News
With all the Club Championship news over the past two weeks, we need to catch up on recent Men’s Golf results.  On August 29, Bruce Towner, our recent double Club Champion (Men’s and Senior Men’s) shot a 37 to win First Low Gross in the A-flight.  Gerry Call was one stroke back with a 38 and took Second Low Gross in the flight.  Hugh Morrison won First Low Net with a net 32 followed by Derryl Urstadt with a net 35.
In the B-flight, Barry Dicks and Ron Wilson tied for First Low Gross with rounds of 41;, while Barrie Robson won First Low Net with a net score of 32.  In the C-flight, Dave Ezechiels and Jim Norwood tied for First Low Gross with scores of 42.  Bill Streeter took First Low Net with a net score of 31, followed by John Falkingham and David Porcellato with Net rounds of 32. 
Ron Wilson was Closest to the Pin on the fifth hole and Jim Norwood sunk the Longest Putt on #8. 
On September 5, amid rain and sun, Phil Hunt won First Low Gross with a fine round of 38, followed by Derryl Urstadt with a 39.  Barry Dicks and Fabian Libbus tied for First Low Net with net scores of 33.  Barry Dicks won the Closest to the Pin competition on the fifth hole and Larry Curtis sunk the Longest Putt on $4.
Senior Men’s Golf News
On September 10, in the A-flight, Gary Jeffries had a great round and won First Low Gross with a round of 80.  Mike Cleary took Second Low Gross with an 88 while Terry Bailey won First Low Net with a net 70.  Dan Silenzi took Second Low Net with a net score of 73.
In the B-flight, Dave Ezechiels shot 92 and won First Low Gross followed by Fabian Libbus with a 94.  Peter Day won First Low Net with a net 70, followed by Gord Moore with a net 72.
Phil Hunt was Closest to the Pin on the thirteenth hole while Terry Bailey sunk the Longest Putt on #2.
Ladies Golf News
On August 29, the ladies at Southampton struggled through a wet and rainy day but managed to finish their rounds.  Jeanette Hamilton and Denise Buttenaar tied for both Low Gross with scores of 91 and Low Net with net scores of 64.  Great golf ladies.  Nikita sunk the Longest Putt on the fourth hole and Jan won the same prize on #15.
Submitted by Lorne Lazenby

Legacy Ridge Golf Club
Men’s League 
Sept. 11

"Fairway to Heaven begins to climb the stairway of success"

Fairway to Heaven (358) staged a magnificent revival moving from last place last week to first place this week edging the persistent Weapons of Grass Destruction (360) by two points. Birdie Boyz (375) nudged the seasonal and resilient Steady Eddys (376) into fourth place while Stan's Army (381), whose depleted ranks barely qualified as an entry this week, still managed to better last place finishers the Roughneckers (389).

Playoff Standings Week 2: Despite Fairway to Heaven's heroics Steady Eddys (447) remain the Playoff leaders ahead of Weapons of Grass Destruction (430) while Birdie Boyz (414) remain in third and well within reach of first. Roughneckers (368) are further back pursued by the surging Fairway to Heaven (376) and the trailing Stan's Army (370). Playoff Week 3 offers 36 points for first place and Playoff Week 4 raises that number to 45 so everyone still has a chance to move into the top three money positions.

Low Grossers and Netters: Michael Todd (34) reasserted him as the unbeaten pro for this week. The best the rest of the field could muster was Ed Grandman (36) and Phil Carleton (36).

Brian Murray (Net 31) was best low net and Dave Huntley, Doug Sim and Steve McCrae all shot Net 33s.

PINS $70 : Hole 1: Tom Doherty (24'9"). Hole 2: Theo Peckham (9'3"). Hole 4 Tom Doherty (20'6"). Hole 5: Phil Carleton 12'7"). Hole 6: Jim McMeekin (Keg). Hole 7: Corey Feenstra (38'2"). Hole 8: Jeff Harron (0'11")

50/50 Draw Winner: Brian Booth $90

Notable notes: In Flight +3 to 4 Phil Carleton was the only one out of 36 players to birdie the second hole for a skin and a deuce . On the other hand there was a pletheroa of six skins in the Net Flight 11 to 20. There were  five deuces on #8 in the 5 to 7 flight logged by Lloyd Stewart, Jim Gardhouse, Barry Coke, Jeff Burlington and Brian Murray who did the double deuce thing by also deucing number two!

Sept. 4 Report

LOW GROSS: Chad 'The Unstopable' Currie (33) defeated Michael ' The Boss' Todd (34) by one stroke for Low Gross Honours. And heaving himself into a tie for third place with Brent ' The Steady Progress'  Keeling (36) is Bill ' The Fusion King' Douglas (36).

LOW NET: Phil Rowe (31) and Norman Prince (32). 

SKIN NOTABLES: In Flight +3 to 4 Derek Patterson and Bert Leeder carded solo birdies on #10 and #11 to pocket $66 each. In Flight 5 to 7 Brian Booth wins $96 for a birdie on #11, the only skin in his flight. In Flight 8 to 10 Logan Strauss made himself a brace of skins for $54. The skin on #14 was a deuce.  I counted seven skins in Net Flight 11 to 20. 

DEUCES: A huge 'Deuce Rash' occurred in flight +3 to 4 followed by a total 'Deuce Blackout' in Flight 5 to 7. In Flight 8 to 10 Logan Strauss strikes again for $70 with the lone deuce of the flight on #14. In Net  Flight 11 to 20 Phil Rowe pocked $36 to take all the money on #14.

PINS: ($74): Hole 11: Jim Gardhouse (60'6"). Hole 12: Larry Tackaberry (9'2"). Hole 14: Bill Christie (4'10"). Hole 15: Norm Prince (Keg), Hole 16: Jason Traynor (34'2"). Hole 17: Jeff Harron (5'3"). Hole 18: Brendon Haefling (23'5").

50/50 Draw Winner: Bill Graham $85.

Men’s League Sept. 4
1st place had a 4 way tie between Keith Colley Sr, Neil Geoghegan, Mark Kaufman and Kyler Twolan
2n place had a 3 way tie between Ron Burrows, Dennis Burrows and Eric MacLeod.


Men’s Night Results: Thursday September 12th
This Week’s Sponsor: The Cooperators
A Flight Winners
1st: Mike Meraw 33 $31.50
2nd: Travis McLaughlin 33.4 $26.25
3rd: Matt Ropp 34.2 $21.00
4th: Ben Hudson 35.1 $15.75
T-5th: Jeremay Dinsmore, Jarrett Johns 35.7 $5.25

A Flight Skins Winners
Duane Kocela 2 on 12 $24.00
Mark Long 3 on 13 $24.00
Travis McLaughlin 4 on 11, 3 on 14 $48.00

B Flight Winners
1st: Sebastian Garneau 32.8 $37.50
2nd: Lynn Finlayson 34.8 $31.25
3rd:Dan Kelley 35.1 $25.00
4th:Bob Black 36.5 $18.75
5th:Darren Cook 36.8 $12.50

B Flight Skins Winners
Dan Kelley 3 on 16 $38.00
Matt Ropp 3 on 10 $38.00

C Flight Winners
T-1st: Don Martyn, David Blenkinsop 35.9 $19.25
3rd: Al Matheson 36 $14.00
4th: Jeff Renaud 36.2 $10.50
5th: Tim Palmer 37.2 $7.00

C Flight Skins Winners
David Blenkinsop 4 on 14 $21.33
Don Martyn 4 on 15 $21.33
Phil Thompkins 3 on 13 $21.33

D Flight Winners
1st: Jay Dunlop 32.7 $21.00
2nd: Walter Hogg 36.1 $17.50
3rd: Al Holl 36.5 $14.00
4th: Roy Douglas 38.8 $10.50
5th: Henry Lansink 39.4 $7.00

D Flight Skins Winners
Jay Dunlop 4 on 10 $18.67
Richard Ford 3 on 12 $18.67
Dave Hodgson 3 on 16 $18.67
50/50 Draw Winner: Rene Brajuhua - $37.00 club credit
Draw Prize Winners – TBD

Men’s Night Results: Thursday September 5th, 2019
This Week’s Sponsor: InStyle Hair Studio
A Flight Winners
1st: Dana Murray 30.4 $33.00
2nd: Blair Chaput 31.0 $27.50
3rd: Brandon Wilson 32.4 $22.00
4th: Tyler Royle 34.3 $16.50
5th: Jarrett Johns 35.7 $11.00

A Flight Skins Winners
Blair Chaput 2 on 1, 2 on 3 $88.00

B Flight Winners
1st: Duane Kocela 32.1 $18.00
2nd: Mike Meraw 34.2 $15.00
3rd: Boyd Carruthers 34.3 $12.00
4th: Mark Smith 34.5 $9.00
T5th: Jason Nowakowski, Tyler Frook 34.6 $3.00

B Flight Skins Winners
George Coulter 3 on 5 $12.00
Tyler Frook 3 on 6 $12.00
Duane Kocela 3 on 1, 2 on 8 $24.00

C Flight Winners
1st: Dan Kelley 31.4 $25.50
2nd: Sebastien Garneau 32.1 $21.25
T3rd: Ken Gardner, Jim Guenther 32.4 $14.85
T5th: Bob Black, Doug McLaughlin 32.9 $4.25

C Flight Skins Winners
Ken Gardner 3 on 1 $22.67
Nick Locking 4 on 9 $22.67
Al Matheson 2 on 8 $22.67

D Flight Winners
1st: Travis Howard 26.6 $19.50
2nd: Brendon Collison 31.2 $16.25
3rd: Rod MacDonald 31.6 $13.00
4th: Jeff Renaud 31.7 $9.75
T5th: Grant Fotheringham, Roy Douglas 32.1 $3.25

D Flight Skins Winners
Travis Howard 3 on 9 $56.00

50/50 Draw Winner: Matt Lovie $32.50 on club credit
Draw Prize Winners – Thanks to InStyle Hair Studio!
1. Hair Product Gift Basket – Phil Willits
2. Shampoo, Gel, & Brush – Paul Catto
3. Shampoo & Gel – Sebastien Garneau
4. Shampoo & Gel – Ken Bellan
5. Cologne – Walter Hogg
6. Cologne – Dave Hodgson

Ladies Day Results: Sept. 3, 2019
This Week’s Sponsor: She Shed Beauty Boutique

A Flight Winners
1st: Colette Lepage 33 $7.00
T2nd: Barb Grubb, Cristie DeGuzman, Diane Sutter, Nancy Stewart 35 $2.25

A Flight Skins Winners
Colette Lepage 5 on 6 $7.33
Antoinetta MacDonald 3 on 5 $7.33
Nancy Stewart 3 on 7 $7.33

B Flight Winners
1st: Sandy Petter 30 $7.00
T2nd: Anne Burton, Jeanette Bellan 35 $4.50

B Flight Skins Winners
Gloria Coulter 4 on 7 $10.00
Sandy Petter 4 on 4, 6 on 9 $20.00

C Flight Winners
T1st: Una MacDonald, Erin Kelly 31 $6.00
3rd: Shawna Small 32 $4.00

C Flight Skins Winners
Michele Lanthier 3 on 5, 5 on 6 $14.00
Norma Jean Rhody 5 on 4 $7.00
Shawna Small 3 on 3 $7.00

D Flight Winners
1st: Beth Mimnagh 36 $7.00
2nd: Edie Fotheringham 37 $5.00
3rd: Jennifer Brown 47 $4.00

D Flight Skins Winners
Edie Fotheringham 6 on 4, 5 on 6 $1.34
Beth Mimnagh 5 on 1, 4 on 3, 5 on 7, 9 on 9 $2.68

50/50 Draw Winner: Shirley Cole $24.00 on club credit
Draw Prize Winners - Thanks to She Shed Beauty Boutique
1. $45 gift card to She Shed – Cindy Schmidt
2. $45 gift card to She Shed – Wendy Gardner
3. Daily Glow Duo Package – Sharon McKay
4. Daily Glow Duo Package – Jennifer Brown

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